Saturday, November 17, 2012

Schulman Family Honored at Los Angeles Jewish Home Centennial Gala

On October 28, The Los Angeles Jewish Home held a Centennial Gala honoring the visionary families that helped reach this 100 year milestone. 

The honorees included The Schulman Family, represented at the Gala by Marcia & Dick Schulman and Roberta Tabb (Aunt Bobbi). 

I got a little teary eyed when the slide show flashed beautiful photos of beloved Esther & Mark Schulman ז״ל .

The Gala was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leonard Featured in an Article by The Vancouver Sun

Leonard Dick was a ‘vice-president of Excel spreadsheets’ when he quit his job to pursue writing.

Photo by Meredith Averill at "The Good Wife" offices

The Vancouver Sun article was sent to me by Leslie Py.  Thank you, Leslie.

Good Wife writer Leonard Dick plays Good Samaritan at forum

Toronto-born writer hopes to guide up-and-comers on how to break into writing for TV and film


By Mark leiren-Young, Special to The Sun September 20, 2012

The Premise and the Hook
Where: Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre
When: Friday, Sept. 28, 2:15 p.m.

Leonard Dick used to be the aspiring writer who watched the panels of media professionals being presented at events like the Vancouver Film Festival Forum. But today, the veteran TV writer who has worked on Lost, House, The Mentalist and, now, The Good Wife is a scriptwriting star who would-be writers and industry professionals are happy to stand in line to see.

“I used to eat up these kinds of panels when I was starting out,” the Toronto-born TV writer told The Sun in a phone interview from his home in Los Angeles. “I used to glean nuggets of wisdom from people I’ve heard over the years, and I found them inspiring.”

Dick is on a panel for the Forum’s TV Day titled “The Premise and the Hook” alongside Tim Schlattmann, the executive producer of Dexter, and Angus Fraser, whose writing credits include Combat Hospital. The forum is organized by acclaimed short filmmaker Kellie Ann Benz.

The four-day event — which also covers film, factual programming, global trends and advice for new filmmakers — features approximately 100 guest speakers, including Jane Epenson (writer for Once Upon a Time, Battlestar Galactica and every cool show ever created by Joss Whedon), Simon Barry (creator of Continuum), Rhett Reese (writer of Zombieland), Glenn Berger (writer of Kung Fu Panda), Deepa Mehta (who directed the festival’s gala premier, Midnight’s Children) and Corner Gas creator Brent Butt.

Dick took the long road to Hollywood, starting in Toronto and arriving at Harvard, where he received his MBA in 1990, which landed him a typical entertainment industry job — working on Wall Street. Then he landed a gig as a summer intern at Cineplex Odeon during the golden years of Garth Drabinsky, just as the gold ran dry.

“If Cineplex Odeon hadn’t run into trouble, I probably would have been back in Toronto.”

Dick wanted to work in the entertainment industry doing something creative, so he moved to Los Angeles to take a job with Disney — as a finance executive.

“I just needed a foot in the door and that was my version of waiting on tables, or being an assistant. I was fortunate enough to have an MBA and a business background,” says Dick. “I was the vice-president of Excel spreadsheets.”

While he was excelling with spreadsheets, Dick took a sitcom writing class at UCLA.

“I wrote a spec sitcom script (a sample of The Wonder Years) and I had my epiphany. I said, ‘I think I want to do this when I grow up,’” said Dick.

“I was dating this woman who grew up here, and went to Beverly High. (Her) parents were in entertainment. It wasn’t a big deal to her. So she said, ‘Just do it!’ And I said, ‘You don’t understand — middle-class people in Toronto, we don’t do this kind of thing.’

“With her encouragement, within the course of one week, I resigned from my job at Disney, I proposed to her, and now she’s been my wife of 19 years.”

Although The Good Wife has made a few jokes about Canada and Canadians, Dick says none were his.

“My favourite line I’ve ever written was in an episode of The Good Wife last year and it made it into the directors cut, but it didn’t make the final cut.” It was in an episode Dick wrote about head injuries in a fictionalized version of the NHL. “One of the show’s lead lawyers asks a rival whether he’s trying to organize a class-action suit, and the lawyer’s response is, ‘Yep, seven players.’ That line was in the show. The line after that that got cut was, ‘Eight, if I can find Flin Flon, Man. on a map.’”

Dick says it was a treat just to hear Fred Thompson (the actor, former U.S. senator and failed presidential candidate) say the line. “I’m still a diehard Canadian and proud of it,” says Dick.

And that’s the other reason he’s so pleased to be part of the VIFF program. “Any opportunity to come home, especially to celebrate arts and media in my own country, it’s a pleasure and it’s an honour.

“This (VIFF) program looks like a fantastic program across the board, so I’m going to be as much an eager participant and festival-goer as I am a panelist,” says Dick.

“I’m hoping maybe three words I say might help guide a young writer who doesn’t know how to navigate his or her way. That’s the hardest thing — how do you go from a standing start and break into an industry which can seem scary and inaccessible. The good news is, it is accessible. So I’m hoping maybe something I say sticks with somebody — certainly my kids don’t listen to me.”

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey, Look What I Found Here!

There is only one caption for this:  

"No offense mum, but Sheila's farfel is better"

Monday, August 20, 2012

United Bakers Flash Mob - Do You Recognize Anyone?

Thanks to Sanford for finding this

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lisa & Leonard on Bike Trip Through WIne Country

"Interesting fact learned on bike trip through the wine country around Santa Barbara: there are wines superior to Manischewitz"
. .

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lisa & Leonard With Julia At Camp For A Special Event

A Special Treat For All Three

There is no camp visiting day at Julia's camp. As it turned out, Lisa and Leonard represented the family at a special camp event and were able to have a short visit with Julia.  Unfortunately, Marcia and Dick had an unbreakable commitment and couldn't go.

Our Julia looks fabulous and from her latest note, she is having a great time at camp.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

If It's Sunday, It must Be Brunch at United Bakery

Sheila, Murray, Bobby

The day after Camp Visiting Day.  Time to get together and say farewell to the happy parents who are flying solo in more ways than one.

Did you remember to ask UB to double toast the bagel?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

From Northern Canada to Southern California via Cell Phone, Instant Photo

Today is Visitors Day at Erica's summer camp in northern Ontario, Canada. Lindsay is there also, working as a counselor.

Lisa and Leonard are up there now.  They made two signs for Julia, snapped a pic and sent it to me with their cell phone. Julia is away at a summer camp in Southern California.

Julia is an avid reader and huge fan of Suzanne Collins (Scholastic) trilogy Hunger Games.

Julia has read the series several times and loves the Hunger Games movie which was released last March/12.

In fact, she was at the premiere opening in Los Angeles where she was thrilled to meet some of the principles in the movie.

Since then, I think you can count on two hands, how often Julia has seen the movie again at the local cinema.

I received the photo just minutes ago. 

To send this to Julia, I will add it to a modern camp phenom called Bunk Notes, which goes by email overnight.

The camp computer system uploads the Bunk Note emails at 5 am. Julia will receive it on her bunk cot tomorrow.

Ain't modern technology great!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth Of July'12 - Hi To Erica at Camp


My second Fourth

Once again, Sandra and Mike graciously hosted a wonderful Fourth get-together for family and friends, which included a fabulous view of the fireworks display and a dramatic sunset .

The food and drinks were yummy. I actually had two grapefruit tangerine margaritas and they were superb.  Just couldn't resist.

Erica is attending camp this year for the whole summer. So  I made up a little "Hi Erica" sign, snapped some photos and sent her the collage above in a Bunk Note. (She will receive this at camp tomorrow.) I also mailed her the original photo by snail mail, which will take a while.

Lindsay is a first year counselor at the same camp. Lindsay requested no letters this summer - just emails.  Don't 'ya just love the modern generation.

Julia was with us and we enjoyed her company, especially because she is also leaving soon for camp. She will gone for about a month.

This is part of what I wrote last year, and I am happy to say, it has wonderfully stayed the same.
Sandra and Mike graciously hosted the get-together at their lovely home perched on a hilltop high above the San Fernando Valley facing north to the Santa Susana Mountains. Their terrace made for a favorable view of an exquisite dusk, a magnificent sunset and spectacular fireworks from the golf club at the foot of the hills.  (To this transplanted Canadian, what are called hills here, to me are mountains. At least, that's what it feels like while driving and trying to avoid going over a cliff.).
Thank you Sandra and Mike.  It was a memorable second Fourth for me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fallon Graduates From High School

My niece Fallon just graduated from Malvern Collegiate Institute.  Where have the years gone...from a quiet shy little girl, Fallon has become a beautiful confident young woman.
And we are all very proud of her.

Jeffrey & Fallon off to the Prom

Dream big
Reach far
Shine brightly
You're a star
Congratulations on your Graduation!
---Dr Seuss

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chance Meeting with Simon Gagne - Forward, LA Kings Stanley Cup Champs

Erica spotted him first

Julia in her LA Kings Stanley Cup t-shirt

Lindsay is a big LA Kings fan and really into hockey

*  *  *

"He couldn't have been nicer." 

He was probably pleased because hockey players don't get a lot of attention in Los Angeles

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leonard, Lindsay and Erica at Leonard Cohen's Place in Montreal

Leonard, Lindsay and Erica visited Montreal this weekend.  Erica was invited to a camp friend's Bat Mitzvah and Lindsay wanted to visit McGill University. Their school is on winter break and Leonard is also on a break.  So the timing worked out beautifully.

I asked them to pass by Leonard Cohen's house if they had time.  And they did.

They sent me photos from the front of Leonard Cohen's home on Rue Vallieres which is across the street from Parc du Portugal.  They sent me the photos immediately. An instant treat.

Gosh, I  love modern technology.  

Here is a description from the Leonard Cohen Forum (written by Len Bierbrier)
Leonard's home is a rowhouse at 28 Vallieres. It is next to a Zen center, which is at the corner of the street down from St Laurent. St Laurent, called "The Main" used to be the bohemian (sic) center of Montreal.... the site of many well known strip clubs, Chinatown and fantastic restaurants (e.g.Moishes), but all that is changed now.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Erica's Piano Recital - Sunday March 11, 2012

Erica played two pieces
The Spinning Song (Albert Ellmenreic)
Seasons of Love (Jonathan Larson)

 Piano teacher, Lindsey (c)
 "Three Little Maestros"

Proud Mum & Sis
Great job, Erica.  We were all proud of you.
"Little Maestros" is the name of the music school presenting the recital

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Wonderful Birthday Celebrations 2012

"Happy Birthday
All of us"

On my birthday February 15,  I received a huge bowl of gorgeous, fragrant, cut roses delivered to my door.  

This brought tears to me eyes. Thank you to "all of you" and special thanks to Lisa.

That evening, Leonard and I had dinner together at the Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks. We laughed and giggled reminiscing about family, friends, school days and camp experiences.  I ordered fish n' chips for old times sake. And we even had stories to share about that. I had so much fun.  Thanks, Leonard.

My birthday celebrations continued with extended family last night at a most enjoyable dinner at Josey's Restaurant  in Santa Monica.

Lindsay 16, Erica 11, Julia 14

Erica, Lisa, Leonard
Lindsay, Julia

Dick, Marcia

I was so happy that Dick and Marcia (Lisa's wonderful parents) could be there.  Dick and Marcia are leaving soon on a terrific Bridge Cruise. They gifted me with a unique Bridge Score notebook. I look forward to keeping a record of all my bridge partners' mistakes. (only kidding).  And thank you to Dick & Marcia for the excellent red wine, my favourite. 

Lisa and Leonard and the girls went all out with my birthday celebrations and I enjoyed every minute.  Thank you. You are all very special.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lisa & Leonard Join Craig, Elders, Gibsons in Moscow - Day 1

* Tsum department store
* Canadian Embassy reception
* Soviet style dinner at Arabat.

To play the slideshow again, click your mouse on label, at bottom left corner.
To see still photos, after the slideshow finishes, click on large arrow in middle of screen

Monday, January 23, 2012

Congratulations to TJ for Winning a Florida County School Contest

TJ and his teacher with the alligator prize "Chuck Norris"

TJ won an alligator for his classroom for a year

Sanford & Stella's son entered a county wide competition for 4th grade students

This is the 3rd annual competition sponsored by the alligator farm of St  Augustine,  on “Why are American Alligators Important?”  

There are 4000 students in St. Johns county eligible to enter.
It’s an individual competition for each student to enter so he/she can win the alligator for their classroom.
TJ was the winner.  

For the prize, the class received “Chuck Norris”, the name TJ picked for the alligator in his contest submission.

And to add to the excitement. TJ was interviewed by two newspapers.

We are all very proud of you TJ.  Well Done!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Skiing In Canada Photos - Winter Wonderland Thanks to Snow Machines

Julia on Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)

Leonard, Julia, Lindsay, Lisa, Erica

Toronto friend Lara & Lindsay
Lara's dad Paul and Leonard are lifelong friends


Love your ear muffs, Erica
I guess it's not too cold there.

Nice skiing pose, Jula
Gosh, it looks mild.

Great form, Lindsay
I'm proud of you

Skiing in Canada, G_D Bless Snow Making Machines

Lindsay & Erica

Just received an email with this cell phone photo from Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario.

The weather has been unseasonably mild for the Toronto area and points north.  So it was iffy whether my California family would be able to go on their annual skiing trip with their Toronto friends.

Two granddaughters, Lindsay the eldest and Erica the youngest are in the photo above.
I presume Julia is on the slopes and missed the photo op.
Maybe next time.  Stay tuned, dear friends and family...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lindsay Has Her Driving License and Drove Bubbie to the Mall

A milestone photo - Lindsay about to enter the driver's side

Lindsay behind the wheel

Driver door is closed.  Time for Bubbie to get in.

Seat belts on. Bubbie snaps a photo for the family archives.  .

* * *
Thank you, Lindsay.  You are wonderful!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Julia, You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are

Julia's school concert - December 3, 2011

Concert program cover

Middle School Chorus

The ladies section

*Three short clips (1.20 minute) by the Middle School Chorus *