Saturday, July 21, 2012

From Northern Canada to Southern California via Cell Phone, Instant Photo

Today is Visitors Day at Erica's summer camp in northern Ontario, Canada. Lindsay is there also, working as a counselor.

Lisa and Leonard are up there now.  They made two signs for Julia, snapped a pic and sent it to me with their cell phone. Julia is away at a summer camp in Southern California.

Julia is an avid reader and huge fan of Suzanne Collins (Scholastic) trilogy Hunger Games.

Julia has read the series several times and loves the Hunger Games movie which was released last March/12.

In fact, she was at the premiere opening in Los Angeles where she was thrilled to meet some of the principles in the movie.

Since then, I think you can count on two hands, how often Julia has seen the movie again at the local cinema.

I received the photo just minutes ago. 

To send this to Julia, I will add it to a modern camp phenom called Bunk Notes, which goes by email overnight.

The camp computer system uploads the Bunk Note emails at 5 am. Julia will receive it on her bunk cot tomorrow.

Ain't modern technology great!

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