Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth Of July'12 - Hi To Erica at Camp


My second Fourth

Once again, Sandra and Mike graciously hosted a wonderful Fourth get-together for family and friends, which included a fabulous view of the fireworks display and a dramatic sunset .

The food and drinks were yummy. I actually had two grapefruit tangerine margaritas and they were superb.  Just couldn't resist.

Erica is attending camp this year for the whole summer. So  I made up a little "Hi Erica" sign, snapped some photos and sent her the collage above in a Bunk Note. (She will receive this at camp tomorrow.) I also mailed her the original photo by snail mail, which will take a while.

Lindsay is a first year counselor at the same camp. Lindsay requested no letters this summer - just emails.  Don't 'ya just love the modern generation.

Julia was with us and we enjoyed her company, especially because she is also leaving soon for camp. She will gone for about a month.

This is part of what I wrote last year, and I am happy to say, it has wonderfully stayed the same.
Sandra and Mike graciously hosted the get-together at their lovely home perched on a hilltop high above the San Fernando Valley facing north to the Santa Susana Mountains. Their terrace made for a favorable view of an exquisite dusk, a magnificent sunset and spectacular fireworks from the golf club at the foot of the hills.  (To this transplanted Canadian, what are called hills here, to me are mountains. At least, that's what it feels like while driving and trying to avoid going over a cliff.).
Thank you Sandra and Mike.  It was a memorable second Fourth for me.

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