Monday, January 23, 2012

Congratulations to TJ for Winning a Florida County School Contest

TJ and his teacher with the alligator prize "Chuck Norris"

TJ won an alligator for his classroom for a year

Sanford & Stella's son entered a county wide competition for 4th grade students

This is the 3rd annual competition sponsored by the alligator farm of St  Augustine,  on “Why are American Alligators Important?”  

There are 4000 students in St. Johns county eligible to enter.
It’s an individual competition for each student to enter so he/she can win the alligator for their classroom.
TJ was the winner.  

For the prize, the class received “Chuck Norris”, the name TJ picked for the alligator in his contest submission.

And to add to the excitement. TJ was interviewed by two newspapers.

We are all very proud of you TJ.  Well Done!

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