Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Wonderful Birthday Celebrations 2012

"Happy Birthday
All of us"

On my birthday February 15,  I received a huge bowl of gorgeous, fragrant, cut roses delivered to my door.  

This brought tears to me eyes. Thank you to "all of you" and special thanks to Lisa.

That evening, Leonard and I had dinner together at the Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks. We laughed and giggled reminiscing about family, friends, school days and camp experiences.  I ordered fish n' chips for old times sake. And we even had stories to share about that. I had so much fun.  Thanks, Leonard.

My birthday celebrations continued with extended family last night at a most enjoyable dinner at Josey's Restaurant  in Santa Monica.

Lindsay 16, Erica 11, Julia 14

Erica, Lisa, Leonard
Lindsay, Julia

Dick, Marcia

I was so happy that Dick and Marcia (Lisa's wonderful parents) could be there.  Dick and Marcia are leaving soon on a terrific Bridge Cruise. They gifted me with a unique Bridge Score notebook. I look forward to keeping a record of all my bridge partners' mistakes. (only kidding).  And thank you to Dick & Marcia for the excellent red wine, my favourite. 

Lisa and Leonard and the girls went all out with my birthday celebrations and I enjoyed every minute.  Thank you. You are all very special.


  1. Looks like a beautiful celebration for your birthday Arlene!
    love the roses and photos.

    1. Thanks Leslie. It was indeed a beautiful Birthday all around.

  2. are the most beautiful rose of all!