Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leonard Cohen Fans Gathering

After so many years of commuting and ultimately living here, I finally went to the Marina del Rey area, a part of town I have been meaning to go to for ages.  And it was a nice occasion to boot, because it was connected to Leonard Cohen.

Two of us LC forum fans met at "Shanghai Red's Restaurant" in Marina del Rey on Saturday for a wonderful champagne brunch to kick off the first Southern California "SoCal" Gathering of LC forum fans. Gazing upon the beautiful view of Marina del Rey, we talked about many things including of course, Leonard Cohen. Our brunch lasted almost three hours. (Hey, they kept refilling our champagne glasses.) We also took a stroll on the quaint boardwalk of "Fisherman's Village" and enjoyed sightings of white herons, pelicans and a seal. Ah, this is the life!

We plan to spread the word on the Leonard Cohen forum and hold more gatherings.  At least when we talk amongst ourselves about our Leonard Cohen addiction, we are "normal."

Next time visitors come to LA, I will take them to Marina del Rey.  It is such a lovely spot.

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