Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Seder at Teri and Kenny's House

A Passover Seder is like a Socratic dinner with a theme of freedom and liberation. Along with dialogue and discussion, we tell the story of the Jews exodus from Egypt.

Last night at the first Passover Seder, Leonard, Kenny and Tom, donned costumes, used hand mikes and delighted us with their adapted version of the traditional story. Towards the end of their narration, there was a surprise that broke me up:

And so it came to pass. And this time, not only did Pharoah give us permission to leave, but all of Egypt helped us pack and rushed us out toward the Red Sea.

Pharoah rushes Aaron and Moses as they pack their things.

Wait. Here's a present for your trip. Some dough. It hasn't risen yet and it doesn't have a name.

MOSES: (grimacing)
You call this a present? What's a matzah with you?

And the Jews called the bread of affliction "Matzah" because affliction didn't test well in marketing focus group. So Moses led the slaves out of Egypt, but Pharoah changed his mind, and he sent his people to hunt us down as we made our way towards the Red Sea.  We would tell you more about the story, but it's Natasha's bat mitzvah Torah portion and shell be telling you all about it next year.

Right, Tashie? Oh, and  spoiler alert: it ends good. The Jews sing a song of praise and gratitude to me, called "Hallelulia" by Leonard Cohen. That joke's for you, Arlene. You may now choke with laughter.

Leonard hands her water.

The Seder was delightful. The table looked exquisite with extra meaning - the candlesticks belonged to Marcia's mother and china belonged to Dick's mother. The food was superb, the company even better.

I did miss the gang at Sheila and Bobby's house tonight. I hope you all had a great seder in Toronto

Tonight, the second seder will be held at Leonard and Lisa's home.

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