Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Goodbye Dinner -- Julia is leaving for camp

Julia & cousin Dani

In a few days, Julia is leaving for camp in Malibu for three and a half weeks.  This was my last opportunity to see her in person to wish her a great time.  As I was about to leave and said my goodbye to Julia, she said she would call me before she goes.  Although Julia is now a typical Miss Teenager with  the usual "attitude", she is so sweet and thoughtful.  That's why I call her "Juicy Julia".

The evening temperature finally cooled off enough so we could eat outside.
We've been having quite a scorching heat wave the past two weeks.

Leonard manning the grill, but Lisa did all the work.

Our delicious gourmet dinner--grilled Branzino fish (aka European Sea Bass),
white bean salad and fresh mushroom salad --was prepared  exquisitely by Lisa.
Lisa used freshly picked tomatoes from the edible garden of Dani's mum Teri (Lisa's sister).
Um, Teri is out of town, but she won't mind

On the deck, Bubbie & Julia hanging out and Dani finishing her homework.

Their huge squash plant is quite an attraction.  It looks lush and heavy, drooping over onto the ground.
Disappointingly, it has produced no squash.

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