Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paddling Stern In A Canoe

While looking for an old photo of a friend, I came across this photo which I had totally forgotten about.

Never mind the zaftig ole' me confidently in a bathing suit in the company of several young guys and gals, hotshot professional colleagues from my then firm.

Look at me paddling J-strokes in stern and on my knees.

This scene took place c.1982 in northern Canada on the French River near Sudbury, Ontario. Sudbury is the area where the astronauts were sent to practice walking on the moon. Apparently the terrain there is quite similar. As far as I know, that area is basically all rock (and of course, the location of the famous Inco Nickel Mine). The magnificent trees grow rooted in the rocks, which obviously must be very porous. Then again, what do I know.

When this photo was snapped by a neighbour, Christine and I were starting out on a guys vs girls race and the girls won!  Of course, I had a big advantage. Christine was a lifelong native of that area and was very experienced with the swift currents and where the trouble spots would be. The guys, being city folk, never had a chance.

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