Saturday, September 10, 2011

Water Spectacle On The Way to Soccer Practice - What A Sight!

While driving Lindsay to soccer practice in a temperature of 106, we turned a corner and saw this gigantic water spectacle shooting up higher than the light standards. Some car had knocked over a pole and set off this gusher. These pics were taken by Lindsay with her cell phone from inside the car. Great job, Lindsay!

This happened outside Balboa Park Sports Center in Encino, CA (Los Angeles) The fire trucks were already there but not the LAPD, so it must have happened just minutes before we turned the corner.
When I dropped off Lindsay, Lisa was at the parking lot with Erica who had just finished her soccer practice.  I then drove Erica home.  On the way out of the park, traffic was confusing because of the water gusher.  So, I had to make a choice and decided to make a U-turn at a spot where a "No U-turn" sign was posted.  Well, it was unusual circumstances.  
I promptly told Erica, you didn't see what Bubbie just did and you will never do that, right.  At that time the first LAPD cruiser arrived at the gusher and Erica rightly pointed out that I was lucky they didn't see what I had done. Well, I think they would have understood.

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