Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lisa's Birthday Dinner, Lindsay is back, Mia is visiting, Danielle's Birthday

Good things also come in four's
-a celebration dinner at The Cheesecake Factory outdoor patio in Sherman Oaks

Lisa's birthday

Lindsay is back from camp in Canada
I haven't seen her for two months. I really missed her.  I just love her to bits.

Lindsay & Mia

Mia, Lindsay's camp friend from Toronto came for a visit...and..
Lindsay and Mia are going to the Taylor Swift concert in a few days.
Welcome to LA, Mia

Mia, Danielle, Lindsay

Danielle, Lindsay's LA friend, joined us and as it happens, her birthday is in a few days.

Sweet sises, Erica and Julia added to the merriment, giggling and playful.
I love watching those two interact.

Surprise birthday cake #1 - Happy Birthday Lisa

Surprise birthday cake #2 - Happy Birthday Danielle

We shared three large slices (8 plates and forks) of the most decadent cakes with whipped cream on the side.
 Hershey Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry and Carrot cake.  Oo La La ...yummy.
Thank you to my cake consultant, Julia. for her three excellent suggestions.
And a few servers sang Happy Birthday to Lisa and Danielle which added to the fun.

Lenny, our Cheesecake Factory server

Thanks Lenny, (yes, that's his name, my third Lenny). you did a terrific job for us.

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