Sunday, July 24, 2011

North Hollywood (NOHO) on a Hot Thursday Afternoon

That's my Ford Goodenough waiting for servicing

When I took my car into Sunrise Ford's Quick Lane for (long overdue) servicing, I thought I would walk around the area and snap some photos.
SOHO in New York and SOHO in London are pretty trendy places.  Well NOHO, North Hollywood, tries but is a far distance wannabe.  I am sure there are some attractions of merit there but I couldn't find them on my walk around that immediate area.

So I went back to the Quick Lane office and took snaps of the friendly staff who were responsible for my car servicing.

May I now introduce:

Cindy greeted me, promised a 45 minute turnaround and she was right.
Thanks, Cindy for taking such good care of me


Javier did all the work, and gave my car an all green report card. 
Thank you, Javier. I like to hear my car is in good shape.


Sal kindly noted my car mileage when I first arrived.

Jesse also worked the desk.
We talked about his travels in Canada.

My favourite part (well, my car's good report card is also my favourite part)
-Cindy said she wished all the clients who came in were as much fun as I was.

To be fair to NOHO, I am including two information links: Wikipedia and Noho Arts District 
But as I mentioned above, there was nothing of note in the immediate walking area of "Quick Lane".

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