Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Neighbourhood Delight -- Winged Figure Atop A Corner Fence Wall

While driving the back streets on my way home, I have been delighted by the sight of a small cherub 
(for lack of a better word) sitting atop a fence wall at the corner of two streets.

Having my camera with me one day, I decided to park my car and take some photos. 

As I was about to take this shot, a car stopped and the lady driver asked, 
"Can I help you?"
Oh, why do you ask?
"Because that is my house."

I told her I have passed by the little cherub so often and I love it and thought I would take a few pictures.
She said that's fine and drove away.

Well, here is a close up in all her splendour.  
I wish I knew the symbolism.
But I like her nonetheless, guarding the corner of the street
And best of all, delighting me every time I drive by, 
which is usually after I exit the gridlock busy 405 Freeway.

*    *    *

If anyone is familiar with this "small statuette", I would appreciate hearing about her.

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