Monday, April 4, 2011

University of Toronto Alumni at the Canadian Consul Residence in LA, April 3, 2011

"Hi Norman,  You and I received our Arbor Awards at the same time." 

"Of course. I remember you.
Arlene. (as he takes a quick glance at my name tag)."

Great guy.

Yes, that's my "I love Leonard Cohen" button discretly pinned on my purse.

Dan Ackroyd

Dan Ackroyd's father was an Alum of the UofT.  Dan went to Carelton University in Ottawa.

The Canadian Consul invited him and I was glad he came.

Dan is a lovely man.
There was a small military band playing music in the garden,  Dan went up to them and spoke to each member of the band.  Very classy.

Hon. David Peterson

 The Hon. David Peterson is now the Chancellor of the University of Toronto

At one time, he was my Premier of Ontario.

When I mentioned my Eglinton West Riding, he had a good laugh.

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