Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Ready To Depart

I apologize again for sadly neglecting this blog. I have a lot of good stuff in my file waiting to post, especially about my grandkids.  I am just so busy getting ready to go to the Leonard Cohen Event in Krakow, Poland.  After that I am going to four of of his concerts in Gothenburg, Sweden, Berlin, Germany and Gent, Brussels ( 2 concerts in Gent).  I am shlepping with my laptop so hopefully you can follow my adventures on my other blog,  Arlene's Leonard Cohen Scrapbook.

I launched my LC scrapbook on July 19.  To date, it's had over 500 hits from 24 countries, the largest number being from the U.S.

In the meantime, I leave you with the current book list from my Shul, Valley Beth Sholom Synagouge.

Tough Jews   (Rich Cohen)

The Girl From Foreign   (Sadia Shepart)

The Invisible Wall   (Harry Bernstein)

The Final Solution   (Michael Chabon)

Friendly Fire   (A. B. Yehoshua)

Not Me   (Michael Lavigne)

Almost Dead    (Assaf Gavron)

Carry Me Across the Water   (Ethan Canin)

Gertruda's Oath   (Ram Oren)

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