Sunday, January 24, 2010

My New Friend, JACK the Garmin GPS

I am now the proud and perplexed owner of a Garmin GPS .  I resisted acquirng yet another digital electronic gadget for a long time because I was still getting used to my Canon 1100IS camera and a Sony voice recorder (what we used to call a tape recorder in the old days, except now there is no tape.  More on that in another post.)  Anyway, when I was on Sanibel Island, Florida visiting my friend Margaret, it was apparent I needed one.  Margaret was quite right to encourage me to get one. After Sanibel, when I visited nephew Sanford and family near Jacksonville Florida, he helped me select a GPS and get me started.  For voice directions, I chose, JACK.

Back in LA, he immediately found the shortcut route to my apartment that took me 8 months to discover.  But, the other day, JACK took me to the closest Walmart and it turned out to be a Home Depot.  Stay tuned for futher adventures.

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